In an exclusive interview, Megaadeth frontman Daive Mostaine gives us all the dope on what he feels about the Indian Metal scene.

MWL – Greetings from India, we are thrilled to have you talk to us.

DM– Arrey, pleasure toh mera hai, chotay.

MWL – Oh, we didn’t know you can speak our language….

DM – Aisa kuch nahi hai, bhenchod. I am Daive Mostaine. I can do anything.

MWL – Ok, there is this metal band in our country named Bhayanak Maut. People say their name is inspired by Megaadeth

DM – Oh fuck! Nahi yaar. Itna chutiya koi nahi hai. I am sure it has another origin.

MWL – What are your thoughts on the Indian rock scene

DM – Too many lead guitarists! Chodnay kay pehle khada karna padta hai. Learn rhythm guitar. Then play solos. Otherwise the scene is quite promising. Great alt rock and…

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