Such a humble name. Such an amazing band.

There’s something about band-names that gives you a CLEAR idea of the bands’ agendas and whatnot. You’ve felt it too.
“Pierce the Veil”– WHAT the FUCK are you talking about bro? Exactly.-the band is as clueless as the name.
“Blood on the Dance Floor”– need I even say anything?
And then there’s “COSHISH“- it sounds so sweet I almost feel like recycling a stupid Diabetes joke here. (AAARGH! MUST. RESIST.) GODDAMN, IT’S AWESOME!


Their lyrics are exclusively in Hindi. If you’re TIRED of Indian bands who sing about Roman Gods after doing thorough research on them (through Wikipedia, the free-for-a-fucking-REASON encyclopedia), you need to know Coshish. You need to let them save your souls. You need to listen to their album Firdous.

(They also cover TOOL like it’s no big deal. LATERALUS, motherfuckers. In fact, I found them via fellow Tool fans.)


I’m waiting for their stocks to be refilled on Flipkart so I can get my hands on the CD. (More bands should put their stuff on Flipkart or other online stores that provide the cash-on-delivery service. Not all your fans live in Bombay/Bangalore goddammit. And we certainly don’t have credit cards and shit. And we can really live without your stingy 30-second MySpace track-previews. All or nothing.)

coshish live

How do I know FIRDOUS is a MUST HAVE? Well, a friend found this stream:
I have GOOOOOOOOOD friends, don’t I?

And there’s this

Besides, there’s a little surprise the CD comes with. I don’t know WHAT. I’m so curious, it’s pissing me off.

(UPDATE: It’s a code, that’s all I know. And maybe it has something to do with the fact that Behti Boondein’s outro merges into Maya’s intro, and they’re placed two tracks apart on the CD. Last time I came noticed something like this, a massive mindfuck occurred.)

I won’t say what kind of audience Coshish is for. I believe EVERYONE should give them a listen and decide. THINK FOR YOURSELVES.
Demographics are for pussies anyway. Try gambling on your choices sometimes.

Don’t mistake this for a review. This is more like a shoutout. I fucking HATE reviews. But that’s another rant for another time.


And since it’s shoutout time, Happy Birthday BHAYANAK MAUT! (Nov 13, 2003 – INFINITY)

Congratulations on completing a DECADE of tearing us new ones.
*counts all the new ones*
*falls asleep*

That crow has a LOT to scavenge. It's been TEN YEARS of MAUT.

That crow has a LOT to scavenge. It’s been TEN YEARS of MAUT.

Forever waiting for their new album, which comes out (early?) next year. 2014 is going to be SWEET. Their website has been launched, I’m stoked, because I don’t do Facebook which was the best way to get their updates until the site came to, and, because the site is as BHAYANAK as it can get. Go take a look:


4 thoughts on “Coshish

    • First of all, thank you for dropping by and caring enough to leave a comment.

      You don’t owe me or people like me – it’s the other way round, really. I can’t begin to tell you how indebted I feel towards you guys for bringing in something so unique to the world.

      My post is a little half-assed. That’s because I had only listened to the album stream once and gone gaga about it. This post was a reflex-action. I could not do enough homework, to include all your names and the band’s history and such… please excuse that.
      Truth is, I still don’t know enough about the band, and neither do any of my friends who I recommended this album to – but despite of not knowing much, they fell in pure love with Firdous just like I did. It was love at first listen (corny but true). The album is purely brilliant.

      Nonetheless, I INTEND to learn more about the band with time, so that next time I can write better posts (which is the insignificant least I can do) … so that MORE people learn about the band. Coshish is a treasure best shared. I hope to help (if only a little) you guys get the recognition you deserve so much.

      All the best with your future endeavors.

      • 🙂 Haha what you’ve written is better than most official reviews/press releases! If you drop in a private message on our page, we’ll send you the link to the artwork (that we trust, would make your experience more interesting)! Thanks again.

  1. Haha, well I DID mention I hate official reviews. Their blades are dulled when a GOOD album shows up. They can CRITICIZE bad albums, but not CRITIQUE the good ones. So in Firdous’ case, they’re again, helpless. 😀

    Artwork? Just when I thought I couldn’t get MORE excited about this… :O
    Well, I don’t do Facebook (or you’d have seen me spamming all over your page and people’s profiles)… but you can drop me an email at
    Thanks for everything.

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