Dear Diva,


Firstly, we are astounded by, and completely hail your crack-induced delusions. In a scene as small as you cerebral cortex, you have managed to convince your id and super ego that you, indeed are stuff that legends are made of. As you practice your walk in front of your mom’s mirror, thousands work hard to be exactly what you portray yourself to be. Yet they fail like fedoras. We applaud your sense of self. It is laden with promise of a better tomorrow; a tomorrow where governments will fall at your word. A tomorrow where breakdowns will only be associated with being crazy. A tomorrow where they pay you to be what you think is you. Nice tattoos.

It matters little that the literature and poetry that you claim to be well-versed is seldom more than the Atlantean script to you in reality. Oh, Atlantean script is a great topic…

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