Have you seen people writing about their nightmares in precise detail?

If you haven’t, now you will.

My life in Pune is a nightmare, or at least that is how I tag it although it is pretty damn good sometimes. I am a lover of hate.

But Pune is dumb.

If you want to see the abstract idea of “Fuck logic” given real shape and structure, even infrastructure, come to Pune. Go to Shivajinagar from Pune Station by a local train. Done? I love you, you’re a complete retard. People are laughing at you. Not Pune people though – because they just ingest all this fuck logic around them, make it part of their Pune pride, and become fuck logic personified.

If whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, I am powering up every day here. Get on my level, Son Goku.

Life is conveniently hard here. From getting the Marathi dialect to getting buses to getting a life- it’s all complicated. If I were to design hell, I’d base it on the Pune model. It would just be more red because Hell aesthetics.

If you love someone, let them go. I hate Pune. I won’t let go of it while I can’t. I’m going to write about my life here, deal with it – like you’d deal with other Pune-related shit if you lived here.

JK I’m going to lock it all.


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