Happy New Year

Time is a mind construct? I had no fucking clue.

I don’t disagree with the raw truth up here but I just feel that humans have very few and non periodic excuses to fix their lives. We all live pretty broken lives no questions asked, and always seem to procrastinate on the proverbial getting our shit together. We lack the motivation, we lack the courage, we lack the fear of more consequences – every low we hit is a new rock bottom we learn to live with. There’s no equilibrium. There’s just descent. There’s just chaos.

Hopeless millennials like us NEED fucking excuses like the new year to remind us we can start over. Build anew. Trash our redundancies. Lose weight. It mostly comes down to losing weight.

I didn’t PLAN to be writing this post on the 4th day of of the year when most new year resolutions are already comatose. It was a coincidence. Hell, I was going to trash this blog but the name is too adorable. Also I made this blog when I hit one of my own rock bottoms so it’s a good reminder how long I’ve been doing nothing. Many new years passed me by, and something kept holding me back from truly fixing my own life. I had no motivation, no label to put on my loser phase. I did not believe in the 365-day labels to begin or end phases. This is how lots of years piled up without me even trying to take control. At least other people knew that on January 1 they’d have to dump of some of their redundancies. Me, I became a collector.

Don’t worry, no dramatic transformation occurred for me since. I am pretty much still a loser.

Which means this new year I have a shit ton to trash. And a lot to fix. And a lot to build. And I hope that if you’re stuck in a slump you find the excuse to get out of it. Excuses are fucking important, use 2017 as one – I’m sure it doesn’t mind.

People find the motivation to transform during major changes in their life, like when they’re getting married or having kids or moving to a different city. These events are far too infrequent, and for some of us they don’t occur at all. So lean on the new year’s shoulder and focus on ascending, to make up for all the descending over all the years. If you’re still reading you’re probably a commoner like me and realize that no angel is going to come sing to you if/when your slump is over. Slumps don’t just end, they breed and make newer younger slumps of combined effects and properties of their parent slumps, and added properties of their own taken from the environment. Don’t let your slumps beat cockroaches at survival.

Here’s wishing you guys all the best. May you start small and not wait for a fucking launch pad to magically build itself and invite you to take off. May you get bored of being depressed. May you get tired of not expending any energy. May you get sick of being immune to bullshit and accepting it as your thriving environment. May you get angry at being too chilled out. May you grow impatient of waiting for your time to come – it never will – there is no such thing as “your time”, after all, time is a mind construct.

In better words, may you


Picture shamelessly stolen from Abhilash / IG


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